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14 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Every first-time home buyer and do-it-yourselfer with a goal of improving their home needs a well-stocked toolbox. Purchasing the essential tools we mention below is a good investment that can save you money when it comes to everything from minor repairs to any DIY home improvement project. Here are 14 of the most useful tools that every homeowner should have.

1 Hammer

Every home handyman or woman should have two hammers, one that’s lightweight for things such as hanging pictures and one for heavier duties such as assembling heavy furniture. Try the hammer in your hand when shopping and purchase one with a comfortable grip. A good hammer can last you a lifetime.

2 Screwdriver

Another essential for DIY projects is a screwdriver. They are probably the single most used tool in any household. Start with a variety pack with different types or a model that enables you to change out the heads for various needs. You will have a need for flathead screwdrivers, as well as Phillips head. They come in handy for tightening hardware and even loosening the lids of paint cans. Some homeowners opt for a cordless electric screwdriver with a drill bit set, while others prefer a good old-fashioned manual screwdriver.

3 Nails & Screws

What’s a hammer without nails or a screwdriver without screws? Purchase a nice selection of nails and screws in various sizes to have on hand as needed.

4 Drill

A drill is the first power tool every do-it-yourselfer should invest in. They are versatile and convenient for so many home remodel and home improvement projects.

5 Tape Measure

A retractable tape measure is a must-have tool that is sure to get used frequently. From measuring windows for blinds or the space available for a new refrigerator, a tape measure will become invaluable. Be sure to invest in a quality tape measure that’s ¾ inches wide and will enable you to measure up to a long length.

6 Adjustable Wrench

Another must-have in tools for every homeowner is adjustable wrenches. You’ll want to have at least two sizes of a quality wrench. They are a great all-in-one tool that will get lots of use and come in handy for tightening so many things.

7 Pliers

A good set of multipurpose pliers is essential for everything from bending wire to removing nails. Get a variety, including need-nose, long-nose, and adjustable pliers.

8 Utility Knife

A utility knife comes in handy for everything from opening and breaking down boxes to making precision cuts and scoring.

9 Putty Knife

From spreading spackling to scraping off old paint, a putty knife is a must-have tool for homeowners.

10 Handsaw

A handsaw is needed when cutting plastic or metal pipes, tubes, and even wood.

11 Socket Set

A good socket set in a variety of sizes can speed up the process of assembling just about anything.

12 Level

A level is essential for hanging pictures, installing cabinets, or laying flooring.

13 Wire cutters

Wire cutters are critical for electrical repairs and other repairs that include cutting wires.

14 Toolbox for your tools

Invest in a large capacity toolbox with a removable tray to store your most-used tools. It will be easy to grab when you have a quick project.

Finding the best prices on tools

When you’re just starting out, watching for tool sales and building your toolbox slowly can help you get the best deals. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes often have big sales, especially around certain holidays. Shop around and compare prices. Keep your eye out for sales and other deals. This is smart when you’re adding to your collection as well. Don’t be caught with an empty toolbox when a home repair emergency strikes. Being proactive and putting together a toolkit of essential DIY home repair tools now can help you save on hiring costly repairmen.

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