Become a Member

Who's Eligible to Become a Benchmark Member?

Since 1940, Benchmark Federal Credit Union has been a single-sponsor credit union who has served the financial needs of Wyeth Pharmaceutical Employees and their families. As of today, we are community chartered which allows us to offer the benefits of credit union membership to persons who live, worship, work (or regularly conduct business in), or attends school within Chester County, Pennsylvania. In addition, existing Benchmark Member's family*. (For all accounts opened prior to April 2015.)

Depositing and maintaining a $5.00 balance in a Share Savings Account makes you a Benchmark Member, which offers you access to all of our financial products and services. We believe in the 'Once a Member, Always a Member' Philosophy, so whether you change jobs, relocate, or retire, your membership lasts a lifetime.

*Immediate family member is defined as spouse, child (ren), mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, & adoptive relations. In addition, those individuals who live in the same residence & share an economic unit are considered immediate family members (this excludes college roommates & members of soroities/fraternities).